Kathy was very helpful and professional!  My first birth...such a pleasant experience. ~Mother

Dads View...

Kathy was amazing to me and wife.  We had an early emergency Caesarean section birth.  We called Kathy, and she was at the hospital within a short time.  She helped calm my wife down that day.  Once we were home she took time out of her day to come out to our house and help my wife with breastfeeding issues and some other worries we were having.  Our baby girl is doing great and my wife’s mind is at ease.  Thank you so much Kathy!               ~ Russell 

First time Dads view...

Kathy was there the entire time in the labor room, reassuring us that everything was normal, giving directions on what and how to do to calm or assist my wife in any way. Also, she was an integral part of our decision making process when the doctors recommended different courses of action throughout the labor. Simply having her experience there to lean on during our time of need was invaluable and cannot be overlooked, especially for a first time Dad. I recommend her a thousand times over, you will not be disappointed; she is the best and I will consider her part of my family forever.                                                          ~ Jeremy

Kathy Gillman was absolutely amazing helping with my birthing experience. I fell in love with her the first time I met her, she was really nice and helpful and determined to help me get the birthing experience that I wanted. I wanted a natural birth 100% because that's not what I got with my first son, about 2 weeks before my due date, my son decided to turn and become breech. My midwife decided I needed a c section. I scheduled it for 39 weeks and when I went in for my c section I was told my son was head down and a c section wasn't necessary. I was induced and Kathy showed up right away and stayed with my husband and I the whole day asking questions and helping me through what I now am calling my amazing birthing experience. I am so glad that I found her and would recommend her to anyone who was looking for a doula. She was absolutely wonderful and I really appreciated all her help!                                         ~ Monica S.




Can I just say a massive thank you?! The birth of our little boy was so perfect, and we really attribute much of that to your advice and support. Thank you so much for helping bring Caleb to us, and for the amazing photos you sent to us of the occasion. We really appreciate you.  ~Lindsey 

Best Experience...

Hiring Kathy as our doula was the best choice we could have made! Kathy is warm, friendly and knowledgable and was invaluable as part of our support system. I am so grateful that she was there to give my husband and I support as I labored to bring forth our second child. I couldn't ask for a better birth experience!      ~LaToya 


Kathy was wonderful during my labor and such a support to my husband and family. I was able to remain calm (mostly!) and when I began to not remain as calm, she was there to reassure me and give me the support I needed. I often say that I could hear her voice when I couldn’t hear anyone else’s. She offers so much more than a service. She provides the support you need that you didn’t know you would need. I can’t imagine my birth experience without her, and we will be using her services for future births!                                                     ~ Lori

Second Blessings...

Having Kathy by my side during the labor of my second child was so comforting.  She was so nice and helpful.  I cannot say enough good things about her as my Doula.  She is very professional and warm hearted.  Even though I got an epidural, she rubbed my back, arms and hands.  I started having a reaction to some medicines, and she was very helpful to help in getting something to help me.  During labor, she was a wonderful coach.  Her voice was so calming.  She was very friendly to the nurses.  My doctor (who is not normally a fan of having additional people in the room) loved her and still asks for her name for his other patients.  Looking back, I wish I had used her for both births!                                                                                       ~ Katie 

Professional Childbirth Support 

Kathy Doula

I hired Kathy as my doula for my second child’s birth. My first birth experience was medicated but I wanted to have an unmedicated birth for my second. My midwife suggested I hire a doula to help me through the process since this was my first unmedicated birth. I found Kathy online and had an interview with her and immediately liked her. She is professional but also very approachable and easy to talk to. It was evident that she enjoyed being a doula and really cared for her clients. I also liked that her main priority was what I wanted from my birth experience that was very important to me. I could already tell in the interview that she would do everything she could to make my birth experience what I wanted it to be. My birth experience was better than I could have expected. Kathy arrived at the hospital shortly after my husband and I arrived. She was awesome during the labor for both me and my husband. She helped ease my labor both physically and mentally, offering constant reassurance for my husband and I. She stayed with us after the birth, which I also loved. She didn’t just come for the birth then leave. Overall my experience with Kathy as my doula was fantastic. I would certainly recommend her to a friend as well as hire her again for any future births of my own.                                                                                             ~ Ayla

Couples View...

My husband and I secured Kathy's services when we were about 30 weeks pregnant. She was a great resource for us as we were preparing for the birth of our first child. She's a veritable library of information on everything from pregnancy to breastfeeding. She lent us books and DVDs that helped us understand and prepare for the process of labor and parenting. She also shared her own experiences and recommendations with us as the day grew closer. 

Unfortunately had to be induced instead of getting to labor at home, but when I went into labor she was a positive and calming presence for me at the hospital. She is very knowledgeable about birth, interventions and options to avoid them. In addition she was friendly with the nursing staff, which made them friendly with us! 

If you are looking for someone that is upbeat, knowledgeable and helpful to assist you in your birth journey, I would highly recommend Kathy Gillman. 


Very Helpful...

Kathy was very kind and very helpful. ~ Father